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Elastomeric Roof Coating

A feature of many of Kansas City's "tri-level" or "side-by-side split-level" houses is a nearly-flat roof on the upper bedroom(s).   Because the pitch of that roof is too shallow for regular shingles, it is usually covered with "rolled roofing" and usually in a dark, heat-absorbing color.

One economic and quick way to cool down those hot upstairs bedroom(s) is to apply a coating of a frost-white (e.g., Heat-Reflective) "Elastomeric Roof Coating." 

We first saw this on "This Old House" and applied it to our own home 15 years ago.  It immediately cooled-down the two bedrooms below, and extended the life of that aging rolled roofing.  The rooms were immediately 15 degrees cooler.

It's available for purchase at local home centers in 5-gallon buckets for just under $80.  Depending on the size of the upper bedrooms, 1 or 2 buckets will be enough for two coats.  It's water-based, dries almost instantly, and there's no odor.

In most situations, no one but airplane pilots will ever see it. :-)

Solar Solutions will apply it to your roof for only $150-$200 depending on roof-size.

Does it make a difference? These photos are your answer:

Uncoated Surface Temperatute: 170.9 F

Coated Surface Temperature: 105.9 F

Applying the Elastomeric Coating

The Finished Roof

Hardly Noticeable From a Distance


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