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daylighting  \`dā-ˌlīt-ing\ n : lighting of the interior of a building by natural means; e.g., by windows or skylights




Solatube®160 DSe (10"diam) with up to 4' of tube length
(Bath, Entry, Hall, Closet, Laundry, Small kitchen)
$599 $399
Solatube® 290 DSe (14"diam) with up to 4' of tube length
(Family Room, Kitchen, Master Bath, Living room))
$799 $549
Light Kit for Solatube® 160 DSe or 290 DSe $150 $125
Ventilation Kit for Solatube® 160 DSe $295 N/A
Solar Star® RM12000 Attic Vent-Fan $599 $399
Solar Star® RM16000 Attic Vent-Fan $699 $499

FREE DIY TRAINING AVAILABLE (we want you to have a great daylighting experience, even if we don't get to see your reaction!)

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Effective March 1, 2012, there will be a standard $30 Trip Charge for all Installations.

Additional charges will apply for installation on roofs made of materials other than asphalt shingles or with pitches equal to or greater than 10:12.

Installation of electrical components is to existing electrical service.

Prices are subject to change without notice.



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