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daylighting  \`dā-ˌlīt-ing\ n : lighting of the interior of a building by natural means; e.g., by windows or skylights


So, you're interested in saving some money on your Solatube purchase?
For our web-surfers only, Here's how to save $40

If you're ready (or almost ready), the next step is to have one of our Daylighting Consultants visit your home at a time convenient for you.

This is a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION VISIT (let me repeat: FREE, NO-OBLIGATION VISIT), in which we actually listen for YOUR input on the lighting YOU are looking for in YOUR home (it's amazing, I know).

We'll provide you with a thorough individual quotation, complete with installation and sales tax, (NO ONE likes surprises at installation time, right?) on each and any of the areas you designate for brightening.

All you have to do is mention "web special" when you set up your FREE, NO-OBLIGATION VISIT and we'll knock $40 off any Solatube® installation we perform on your home.

This is not valid with any other offer, but we reserve the right to increase your discount...if you buy more than 50 units (JUST CHECKING TO SEE IF YOU'RE REALLY READING).

I trust you've read some of our , and at least have an idea that "there might be something to this Solatube stuff."

So: give us a little info, and we'll save you some real money, and brighten up your home!

Thanks for your valuable patronage!

Sam Kane, President and Chief Daylighter



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